The Fish

Bluefin Tuna

Yellowfin Tuna

Each year Bluefin are usually the first species of tuna to show in the waters around the island, often in mid June. They range from "schoolies" or "footballs" of 20-50 lbs all the way up to giants that can exceed 1,000 lbs, which are most often caught in the fall in the waters east of Chatham

Yellowfin prefer warmer water than bluefin and do not make an appearance until July.  The key to finding yellowfin without making the 100 mile run to the Atlantic Canyons is to look for an eddy of warm Gulfstream water that has pushed north to within 40-60 miles of the island 

Longfin (Albacore) Tuna


Longfin also favor warmer temperatures.  Often found in big schools, running across longfin can mean a triple or quadruple hookup as they smash every lure dragging behind the boat. Longfin are the same species found in cans as "white meat tuna" but they taste a whole lot better fresh.

What can we say about wahoo?  You have to see them in action to believe it.  One of the fastest swimming fish in the ocean, sometimes a strike by a wahoo involves the fish rocketing 10 feet in the air.  A big wahoo can dump 300 yards off the reel in seconds as it charges away from the boat at 45 mph.  A near-tropical species, we only get them when the water is at its warmest.  And did we mention that grilled wahoo could be the best-tasting fish of all?